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<nettime-ann> Race and Materiality - darkmatter journal

Apologies for cross-posting:

Special issue of darkmatter journal exploring questions of race &

A materialist turn in the humanities and social sciences has
revitalized work in feminism, science and technology studies, critical
social theory and phenomenology. Nonetheless, we want to ask what's at
stake when 'race' is grasped from a materialist standpoint? Is the
focus on materiality able to track and unravel the manifold
neo-racisms of contemporary globalization? Does it supersede the
limitations of social constructionist accounts of race? And could a
materialist ontology of race transform and invigorate anti-racist


Editorial: Race/Matter - materialism and the politics of racialization
by dimitris papadopoulos and sanjay sharma

Racists like us…
by james arvanitakis and dinesh wadiwel

White ravers in a Goan village: race as machinic assemblage
by arun saldanha

The force of race
by daniel swanton

2016: archive project
by zanny begg

How do bodies matter? understanding embodied racialised subjectivities
by damien riggs

Material effects: race, class and masculinities among South African teachers
by robert morrell and debbie Epstein

reckless driving: race through mass spec and global capital on highway 5
by jenny reardon

The materiality of race theory
by ben pitcher

The materialisation of race in multiculture
by angela mitropoulos

Performing the context - crossing the orders
by marianne pieper

'Passing Drama': the materialization of race
by angela melitopoulos

Along the color line: racialization and resistance in cognitive capitalism
by anna curcio

Materialism Today
by ash sharma

Into the voice box
by dimitris papadopoulos
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