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<nettime-ann> CAS April Meeting - Cynthia Beth Rubin

Please circulate to interested colleagues, students and lists:

The Computer Arts Society is pleased to announce its April 2008

Tuesday 1 April 2008

Cynthia Beth Rubin

Still Digital after all These Years:
How the Computer Transformed Painters into Geeks

6:60 for 7:00; System Simulation Ltd
Bedford Chambers, The Piazza Covent Garden
London WC2E 8HA, England

Art on the edge once meant Painting.  Not clean,
representational, neat painting, but messy, expressive, abstract
painting. Then the computer came along.  Touted as a procedural
machine, no one expected intuitive, non-procedural painters to
turn to pixels.  Why were so many expressionist painters drawn to
the computer in the buggy days of mid-1980s, and how did it
transform their visual language and output?  What are they doing
now? As one of the artists who made the leap, Rubin will discuss
her own leaps, give an overview of the work of other artists, and
look at how the computer continues to change concepts of imagery
as it becomes a more available medium in previously less
technologically advanced countries.

Cynthia Beth Rubin is a digital artist working in 2D and 3D
imagery, interactivity, and animated images.  Trained as a
painter, she turned to digital art in 1984, creating works drawn
from cultural memories and nature. Rubin's work has been shown in
diverse venues including the Jewish Museum in Prague, the
Pandamonium Festival in London, the Lavall Gallery in
Novosibirsk, the DeLeon White Gallery in Toronto, and numerous
editions of international conferences such as ISEA, ArCade and
SIGGRAPH.  Her works can be found in several books and journals,
including Art in the Digital Age by Bruce Wands, The Computer in
the Visual Arts, by Anne Morgan Spalter, and Painting the Digital
River, by James Faure Walker. Rubin's studio is in New Haven,
Connecticut, USA.

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