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<nettime-ann> GRL Press Release - A 'How to' Guide to Charming Authorities

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Media Release
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Graffiti Research Lab - A 'How to' Guide to Charming Authorities

New York based Graffiti Research Lab (GRL) have landed on the streets (and walls) of an unsuspecting Adelaide
- arming its residents with their trademark LED Throwies, laser tags and a fascinating guide to charming authorities.

GRL creators James Powderly and Evan Roth are officially here to run the Graffiti Research Lab masterclass, presented
by Carclew Youth Arts in association with the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts and the Australian Network for Art and
Technology - but in typical GRL style, are managing to squeeze in some public havoc along the way.

Roth and Powderly have also coordinated in a number of public events including their exceptionally popular Throwies
Workshop at the Adelaide Festival Centre Artspace. As GRL masterclass participant and blogger-in-residence Lachlan
Tetlow-Stuart comments; "Like rock concert punters, people massed outside the venue jostling to get a good position.
7:00 came and it was obvious that the numbers had been underestimated...but like Moses commanding his flock, James
bestrides the masses commanding submission and compliance".

Join the adventures at - the site is updated daily.

"What strikes you first about GRL is 'cool'. From James' black wrap-around shades to Evan's Firefox t-shirt, these guys have
new-New York down. There's something dominating about their confidence; years of pushing boundaries and standing up for
the rights of the 'common people' does that to you... but you can't help but be impressed. And yet they're so laid back they
could almost fall off their chairs." Comments Fee Plumley, emerging technologies Program Manager, ANAT.

Lachlan goes onto say, "with a GRL Adelaide in our midst, it is only a matter of time before Adelaide's skyline is transformed into
a Mecca for colourfully-illuminated-street-subversion. Propelling the 6th Element of Hip-Hop blazing through the sleepy night of the
city of churches, lovingly accompanied by some cranking tunes and good old-fashioned deviant-street-revelry".


ANAT is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts its arts funding and
advisory body, by the South Australian Government through Arts SA and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy,
an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.

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