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<nettime-ann> Announcing Vague Terrain 09: Rise of the VJ

Vague Terrain is excited to announce the launch of our new issue, Vague 
Terrain 09: Rise of the VJ. Guest curated by Saskatoon-based VJ and 
artist Carrie Gates, this installment of our digital arts quarterly 
brings together a wide variety of work exploring emerging VJ culture.

featuring work from:

ana carvalho
kelley bolen and jake hardy
francis theberge
jackson 2bears
jaygo bloom (interviewed by michelle kasprzak)
lara houston
leeane berger
michael betancourt
mo selle
neubau / kero
ryan stec
solu (interviewed by peter kirn)
tim jaeger
VJ pillow / VJ mademoiselle
VJzoo / chrism & fenris
xárene eskandar
ziv lazar

view the issue: via

Thanks for your continued support!

Greg J. Smith & Neil Wiernik
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