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<nettime-ann> [publication] SITE Journal New Issue

Please post as a publication or announcement thank you.

Site is a print journal for contemporary art, architecture, cinema,
and philosophy (http://www.sitemagazine.net/)

SITE Journal, Issue 20.2007 is out now.

The Reign and the Glory
By Sven-Olov Wallenstein

The Hermit and the Plant
By Lars-Erik Hjertström

Lightning and Instant
By Pasi Väliaho

"How About a Space Force?"
An Interview with Peter Fend
By Adina Popescu

They're Conspiring, Stupid
By Jeff Kinkle

Site Project:
100 Bent Spoons
By Julieta Aranda

Managing the Conflict
By Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen

A Petropunk Dialogue
By Reza Negarestani

Petropolitics as Retropolitics
By Alberto Toscano

Architecture and the Death of Utopia
By Claes-Magnus Bernson

Parenthood of Form: Materiality and the Patriarchy
By Malin Zimm

Akerman/ Godard
By Kim West

The concept Site (Stockholm) indicates a kind of indeterminacy, which
perhaps is what characterizes the contemporary moment more than
anything else—an indeterminacy concerning the relations among the arts
and their respective borders; concerning the relation among art,
philosophy, and politics. The magazine Site, founded in 2001, is
divided into three sections: an open section with reviews, essays and
articles; an art project, usually on the centerfold, where an artist
gets an open invitation to use the magazine space as she or he wishes;
and finally a thematic section, the Site section, that can be
understood as both conceptual and geographical.
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