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<nettime-ann> New mikrogalleri opened - White Tube

------------NEW MIKROGALLERI OPENED - WHITE TUBE------------

White Tube - A live internet aquarium for user generated content has been
released... you can send an image into an aquarium, a high quality picture will
be made which you receive back. A web 2.0 aquarium as gallery metaphor...

Currently there are two more permanently online:

Bodhisattva 3.0 - A remake of a media art classic for Web 2.0. Three young
buddhas are looking at user images... [ ]

ZKM_Foyer - A screen in ZKM (Center for Art and Media) which is open to send
images too, you can publish your
art images here in a remote public space...

A manual to use and how to open a new mikrogalleri is here:
[ ] is an open platform for participatory arts online. It focuses
on the internet user to participate in remote art works and spaces online. allows you to create art works online by sending/uploading
images into remote galleries or museums.


/* What is  ?

The new ZKM platform "" allows online users to present images in
distributed places for art and in real at remote locations, at the same time
each user creates new art images online to share. takes any images and publishes them physically in choosen
remote spaces, e.g. at the media museum of ZKM or in any recently opened
mikrogalleri; during presentation and in the various artistic contexts a
high-quality picture is taken with automatic and synchronised cameras, new
images are virtually created as participatory art images. The project goes
further than flickr: it does not only network the data of digital cameras as
participatory images, but also the cameras itself and with them their physical
and artistic context, place, or space. as network of participatory production is a further step from
"user generated content" to "user created/shared media", a preview to the new
generation of the web: The Internet of Things. This new and open platform is an
invitation to public institutions worldwide, to private studios, to small and
big places of art, and also to dynamic social and creative spaces like
laboratories and cafés; each user can open a new mikrogalleri and be part of
the ZKM platform for participatory visual art.

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