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<nettime-ann> Video Pool Media Arts Centre proudly presents three events headlined by International Artist in Residence, Katsuyuki Hattori


Video Pool Media Arts Centre proudly presents three events headlined by
International Artist in Residence, Katsuyuki Hattori

Winnipeg, MB (October 10, 2007) – Video Pool is pleased to announce two audio and video performances, and one artist talk, headlined by International Artist in Residence, Katsuyuki Hattori (Japan).

Hattori is known for his skill using outmoded analogue technology to produce stunning audio and video landscapes in a live performance environment. Only occasionally using source footage, Hattori skillfully manipulates feedback loops to generate the source content for his immersive performances. Referring to his medium as abstract video-concert, Hattori will present a new work created in collaboration with three local artists – Bryan Basant, Erika Lincoln, and Curtis Walker (blunderspublik) – over the course of his residency at Video Pool. This live audio and multi-channel video piece is evocative of Dada artist Kurt Schwitters’ (1887 - 1948) notion of the colour organ and resonates with Schwitters’ concept of “merz”, which refers to the appropriation of found or refuse materials.

Following the presentation of this new, collaborative work, Hattori will perform a piece titled Abarekoinobori with long-time collaborator and video artist Yusuke Shinmura (Japan) who will sweeten Hattori's audioscape with playful bits and pixels. Together Hattori and Shinmura bring authentic experimental electronic art from Tokyo to Winnipeg audiences.

These performances will take place on Saturday, October 20 beginning at 8:00 p.m. in Video Pool’s 3rd Floor Studio, 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg. All welcome.

Related Event – Artist Talk: On October 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., Hattori will give a presentation on his ‘video concert’ technique. In his practice, Hattori allows for many artists to contribute to a live work, each controlling a particular aspect of image or sound from the feedback. Working with aesthetic qualities of image feedback, Hattori’s work challenges notions of beauty in image making, the role of the artist in image creation, and the contemporary roles of ‘performers’.

For more information about Hattori’s artist talk, or to register, please contact Jeff Erbach at 204.949.9134 ext. 4, or email: vped@videopool.org.

Video Pool is grateful for generous financial support provided by: The Canada Council for the Arts, The Manitoba Arts Council, and the Winnipeg Arts Council

VIDEO POOL MEDIA ARTS CENTRE is a non-profit artist run centre dedicated to advancing the discipline of media art by providing media artists, non-profit organizations and community groups with access to professional video and media equipment, training, distribution and programming. Video Pool strives to be a national leader fostering innovation, experimentation, critical dialogue and advocacy in media arts.

Contact: 	Milena Placentile, Programming Coordinator
		204.949.9134 ext 1
		videopool.org // videopool.blogspot.com

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