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Call for Action!


Enzimi offers space to talents and assists the natural outcome of creative processes. We want to bring projects together, and share them, make them real.

Enzimi is meant as a continuous drive towards viral ideas, their changing quality and their ability to move, generate and regenerate possibilities. It is a thrust necessary to anyone who wants to questions oneself, who is curios now, and wonders about tomorrow. It is the driving force for those who can interpret their own time and environment. Of those who are sure of their own talent and want to get to know the others’.


Enzimi becomes more and more continuously an engine to speed up ideas. Talent's Out! is the invitation to all who want to take part in this year’s edition. We are working at the forthcoming edition of Enzimi event, that will take place in Rome from November 28th to December 2nd,2007.


Please submit your project on our website, before October 27th 2007.


Areas of interest: public art, urban art, psychogeography, net art, interactive art, socializing process between members of real and virtual community.


TALENTS OUT! Urban spaces for public talent.


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