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<nettime-ann> Art-oriented programming 2

International Symposium

PARIS, SORBONNE, 19 and 20 October 2007

Friday 19 October 2007 from 3 to 8:15 pm 

Saturday 20 October 2007 from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm

at the Università Paris 1 - PanthÃon-Sorbonne

AmphithÃÃtre (Lecture hall) Richelieu

17 rue de la Sorbonne - 75005 Paris 

Free Entrance (to sign up, send an e-mail to : poa2aop@orange.fr)

Symposium organized by Laboratoire des Arts et MÃdias [LAM-LETA],
David-Olivier Lartigaud



Master Class PURE DATA

with Miller Puckette

and in presence of Alexander Galloway, Cyrille Henry, Olivier Pasquet.

at the Ãcole nationale supÃrieure dâart de Nancy (ENSA Nancy)

1 avenue Boffrand - 54000 NANCY

Tel : 03 83 41 61 61

Sunday 21 October 2007 from 10 am to 5 pm

A limited amount of space is available(to sign up, send an e-mail to :


Publication Art ++publicationART ++

Publication Art ++


to appear at the end of October

Contact - Information - Press : poa2aop@orange.fr / 08 77 65 94 38


General Introduction

Art-oriented Programming Symposium

At the time of the previous  Art-oriented Programming  symposium in
2004, the question of programming in art was being hotly debated. Three
years later, works continue to be made but they seem to have less
visibility. Is this due to a decrease in artistic production? Was it
simply a  fashion � Has programming really become an art? Many works
have been made during these last few years and perhaps even more
theoretical statements. It has become urgent to clarify matters and make
a  fresh start Â. To avoid repeating or caricaturing what has already
been done, we must objectively take stock of the situation, sort out the
stakes and open up a new critical space. 

In five sessions over two days, this symposium proposes to explore
current art and thinking in this field, still lively and rich in

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