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<nettime-ann> Fwd: The MacDowell Colony Announces New Funding for Artists

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Date: Oct 22, 2007 5:55 AM
Subject: The MacDowell Colony Announces New Funding for Artists

October 22, 2007

The MacDowell Colony


 The MacDowell Colony, the leading artist residency program in the
United States, is pleased to announce the establishment of a new fund
for artists. Thanks to a generous grant by The Leon Levy Foundation,
artists accepted for a MacDowell Fellowship who need additional
financial assistance are now eligible for such aid. These grants can
be used to cover expenses that continue to accrue while artists are
away from home, including rent, utilities, and childcare. Artists may
also use the grants to compensate for lost income or in the event an
employer requires an unpaid leave to attend the Colony. Equipment and
supplies may be addressed by this aid, as well.

 The MacDowell Colony, which was founded in 1907, provides Fellowships
to more than 250 artists each year across seven contemporary
disciplines: visual arts, interdisciplinary art, architecture, film,
theatre, literature, and music composition. Set on 450 acres of
beautiful woods in rural New Hampshire, MacDowell's reputation for
offering the ideal environment for creative pursuits is
well-established and highly regarded. Past Fellows include such
luminaries as Milton Avery, James Baldwin, Leonard Bernstein, Willa
Cather, Aaron Copland, Thornton Wilder, and more recently Jonathan
Franzen, Bright Sheng, Oscar Hijuelos, Eve Sussman, Qin Feng, and
Stewart Wallace, among many others.

 Offering 32 private studios designed for the specific discipline of
the artist, the Colony also provides meals and separate
accommodations. Artists who are accepted to MacDowell through its
highly competitive application process are allowed up to eight weeks
of undisturbed time and space to pursue their work. The criterion is
talent as demonstrated in a work sample that is reviewed by selection
panels in each discipline. Application deadlines for the three annual
residency periods are January 15th, April 15th, and September 15th.

 The Leon Levy Grants are part of an overall effort by MacDowell to
ensure artists face no barriers in finding the time and space
necessary to create. This program expands on a similar successful
program for writers established in 1997. In addition, through The
MacArthur Foundation and the David and Rosamond Putnam Foundation,
MacDowell reimburses the transportation costs for international and
domestic artists for travel to and from the Colony. Permanent funding
for the financial assistance programs is being sought.

 "While MacDowell Fellowships are awarded based on exceptional talent,
we believe that as many as half of the artists who come to the Colony
each year struggle financially," says Cheryl Young, MacDowell's
executive director. "A review of financial information indicates that
the average income for aid applicants in literature in 2006 was 22,000
dollars, with 48 percent of these households falling below the poverty
line. It's wonderful that The Leon Levy Foundation is making it
possible to expand this program to Colony artists of all artistic

 The Leon Levy Foundation is a private, not-for-profit foundation
created from the estate of Leon Levy, a legendary investor with a
longstanding commitment to philanthropy and humanism.

 Celebrating its Centennial this year, The MacDowell Colony was
awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1997 for "for nurturing and
inspiring many of this century's finest artists." It is the only
artist residency program to have received this prominent honor.
MacDowell has served as the model for residency programs throughout
the United States and internationally. Since its founding 100 years
ago, such communities have become the nation's largest source of
support for individual artists. For more information about the Colony
or to apply, please visit our Web site at

 53 Ludlow street
 New York, NY 10002, USA

 Contact us

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