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<nettime-ann> Call 4 Motion Graphics Festival

MGFest 08 Call for Entry

Chicago's Motion Graphics Festival screens work from a variety of disciplines, including: demo reels, music videos, commercials, art film shorts, special effects, compositing, machinima & game graphics, sound effects & sound for film, animatics, retail video displays, remixes, website motion designs, camera & lighting effects, animatronics, robotics for film, multi-screen video displays, retail displays3d & holographic cinema, kiosk & interactive menu design, architectural video facades, and motion-picture experiments. The festival accepts entries from all over the world.

This year we will give special attention to work non-commercial motion design, sound effects for motion, and video for new media devices.

The DEADLINE for entry via mail is 1 December 2007.

The entry fee is $15 made payable to Motion Graphics Festival. Please fill out the entry form and mail it with your entry.


Entries should be mailed in DVD format to:
Motion Graphics Festival 2008
1321 N Milwaukee Ave #510
Chicago, IL 60622

Please include contact information with your materials. All relevant permissions and copyrights should be cleared by the entrant. The accepted festival entries will be shown at the festival screening, MGChicago events, on the festival website, and on the festival DVD. All other rights are retained by the artist.



MP3s of the CMGF07 Panels


Chicago Motion Graphics Festival 2007
Jan 28th Educational Conference


The Business of Motion Graphics Panel (MP3, 1 hour, 23mb)


This panel looked at the local motion graphics community from the perspective of working at a studio and as a freelancer. Topics include how to manage your time, how to generate jobs and clients, demo reel best practices, and supervised vs unsupervised edits, and a general industry outlook. Panelists: Mike McGlynn (Psychofish), Aaron Edwards (Creative Chaos),Chistian Matts (Whitehouse), Dixon Galvez-Searle (Screen Magazine). Moderated by Mason Dixon (SAIC).



CMGF07 Information


2007 Festival Home Page



Electronic Sophistication Series part 3 :


** Expanding Motion Cinema **

** SAT Oct 27th - 7 till 12 **

Five hours of diverse indie film and motion graphics talent; featuring Bands, VJs, Artists and Filmmakers that expand what it is to move an audience.


Lake Shore Theater - 3175 N. Broadway
$8 door - $5 for students - cash bar


Musical Feature
Featuring an audio/visual performance by The Great Mundane that debuts his newest album release "When Falls Arive". Internationally recognized VJs, Psymbolic, perform realtime visuals that includes a beat synched montage capturing the ambiguous flows of the installation artwork of Mara Baker.


Motion-Picture Shorts by :
Chemical Brothers (Manchester)
Psyop (NYC)
Adbusters (Canada)
ZeFrank (NYC)
The Mill (London)
Belief (Santa Monica)
Three Legged Legs (Santa Monica)
Geomagnetic (San Francisco)
Lo-fi St. Louis (STL)
XoloTV (Amsterdam)
Minnesota Stories (Minneapolis)
Wicked Pixels (South Africa)
Ink Project (Sydney)
Kun-I Chang (Taiwan/NYC)
Fried Pictures (Serbia)
Vurpa (Sweden)
and Much More...


Content and curation by :
Stash (
Dave Belden & M.T. Cozzola (Split Pillow)
Psymbolic (Chicago's Motion Graphics Festival)
Dominic Johnson (New Millennium Orchestra artistic director)
Scribble TV (university internet internship program)
and Mason Dixon (SAIC)



Stash 37 Trailer ::


When Falls Arive ~ The Great Mundane ::


Presented by motion graphics chicago and the motion graphics festival.


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