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<nettime-ann> MetaConstruct Manifesto


MetaConstruct Manifesto:

annihilation poetics and amagideon art in an authoritarian
and antagonistic age


  Contemporary "Artworld artists" on the self-aggrandizing
circuit, are invariably reduced to illustrating and
trivializing popular political opinions under the deceitful
guise of creating clever cultural currency and cloying
"relevancy." Are you just as amazed to learn that apparently
most of these (disingenuous)  "artists" today have regular
commercial gallery exhibits, international representation,
government funding, cushy teaching jobs, critical support,
duplicitous colleagues, fancy homes and professional
studios/supplies?... (While basic necessities are routinely
denied to many of us our entire working-lives by creepy,
arrogant Artworld and Corporate despots...) Accordingly, my
MetaConstruct installations can now only occur in the
aftermath of significant cultural devastation -- gutted,
globalized galleries, crucified curators, fraudulent
Arts-funding and the hoax of institutional Art-history...

In the 20+ years since my last public installation, these
various, modest components have continued to be developed
beyond their depicted states here/online. Obviously,
increasingly corrupt and incestuous Art Institutions cannot
be trusted to exhibit and support, fine integral work that
enables idioms rather than regurgitated
stylistic/ideological constraints and apologetics...

Any (improbable) hypocritical, retro-validation-offer would
be incapable of fully compensating (monetarily and
critically) for decades of exclusion and unwarranted
obscurity. Perhaps, at-heart, this work was always an
independent aspiration seeking intimate constellar
conditions for its long-regarded re-entry into a respectable
realm -- poised as it was, on the perpetually charred
cultural rubble of the present -- but we still yearn for
righteous revenge, equitable access to resources, and an end
to irresponsible, supercilious, cabalistic, cultural

And yes, I'm actually very disappointed that you
Artworld-bastards have chosen to exclude my poetic work from
any consideration but I also understand how threatened you
official prissies must be from any real developing
alternatives to your pathetic pseudo political charades. To
hell with your petty Artworld!

Upon my demise, assuming that there are no immediate heirs,
all components must be destroyed along with any encompassing
structures and/or claims of ownership and reproduction.



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