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<nettime-ann> September 2007 on -empyre- : "Critical Spatial Practice"


September 2007 on -empyre- soft-skinned space : "Critical Spatial Practice"

Moderated by Renate Ferro (US) and Tim Murray (US) with Millie Chen
(Canada/US), James Way (Japan/US), Catherine Ingraham (US), Kevin Hamilton
(US), Alice Micelli (Brazil/Germany), Maurice Benayoun (France), Teddy
Cruz (US), Markus Miessen (UK/Germany)

Critical Spatial Practice entails the claiming of social responsibility at
the intersections of art, geography, architecture, and activism.  How
might critical approaches to space and place empower creativity, enhance
artistic activism, and encourage artistic practice and collaboration?  The
alignment of criticality with cyber configurations of space permits
especially creative skins of networks, resources, and discussions
whose resulting configurations range from texts and performances to
buildings and installations.


Moderated by Renate Ferro (US) media artist, Dept. of Art, Cornell
University, and Tim Murray (US), Curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive of
New Media Art, Cornell University

with special guests

Maurice Benayoun (France) is a transmedia artist who explores the
potentiality of various media from video, to virtual reality, Web and
wireless art, public space large scale art installations and interactive
exhibitions.  He has designed interactive scenography for large scale
architectural and exhibition projects.  He teaches video and new media at
University of Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne).

Millie Chen (Canada/US) is an artist, writer, and curator who teaches art
at the University of Buffalo.  Her studio practice in Toronto, Ontario,
and Buffalo, New York, includes a project of sonic-video installation
based on river journeys down the Yangtze in China and the Niagara in

Teddy Cruz (USA) is a Guatemalan-born architect whose work dwells at the
border between San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico, where he has
been developing a practice and pedagogy that emerge out of the
particularities of this bicultural territory.

Kevin Hamilton coordinates the New Media BFA and MFA programs at the
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  His research and writing
involves the creation of interactive artworks, methodologies of
interdisciplinary collaboration, and manifestations of absence in
contemporary and historical telecommunication technologies.

Catherine Ingraham (US) is Professor of Architecture in the Graduate
Architecture department at Pratt Institute in New York City, a program for
which she was Chair from 1998-2005.  Her numerous publications on the
theory and history of architecture include her books, Architecture,
Animal, Human: The Asymmetrical Condition and Architecture and the Burdens
of Linearity.

Alice Micelli (Brazil/Germany) has been developing a body of work focused
on creating unexpected visualizations of extreme political issues.  From
Cambodia to Chernobyl, her conceptual videos and installations provide
meanings of their own to narratives from places that are difficult to

Markus Miessen (UK/Germany) is an architect and writer who leads Studio
Miessen, a collaborative agency for spatial strategy and cultural
analysis. He is the co-author of Spaces of Uncertainty (with Kenny Cupers,
Müller+Busmann), editor with Shumon Basar of Did Someone Say Participate:
An Atlas of Spatial Practice, and co-editor with Basar and Antonia Carver
of With/Without--Spatial Products, Practices and Politics in the Middle

James Way (Japan/US) is an architect, writer, and designer working in
Tokyo.  He often collaborates on interactive installations that explore
space and movement.

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