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<nettime-ann> Free ebook "Alternatives on media content, journalism, and regulation" (Modified by Geert Lovink)

The 2007 ICA Conference's theme was "Creating Communication: Content, Control, and Critique". Many interesting academic contributions about this theme appeared in the Keynote Panels, Theme Sessions, and a series of other conference sessions. But the 2007 ICA Conference did not just feature academic reflections. In three so-called grassroots discussion panels, alternative voices from outside academia also animated the conference theme. These panels produced interesting dialogues between academia and the people that actually organize, realize, and live the participatory and bottom-up processes that we academics so eagerly analyze.

Now, the practitioners' contributions from these panels are available as an ebook entitled "Alternatives on media content, journalism, and regulation." Edited by Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Benjamin De Cleen and Nico Carpentier, and published by the University of Tartu Press, this book brings together the fascinating stories of how civil society intervenes (sometimes successfully, sometimes less successfully) in the creation of alternative content, in the organization of alternative journalism, and in the attempts to influence the regulation that impacts upon the communicative processes.

The pdf version of the book can be downloaded (for free) from this URL:
(please note there is an underscore between reco and book2)

It is part of the Researching and Teaching Communication Book Series, which you can find at this URL:

Alternatively, you can visit the website we have built on the basis of all the ebook contributions. The URL of that website is:

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Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Benjamin De Cleen
Nico Carpentier

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