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<nettime-ann> VIDEO VORTEX conference Brussels // ARGOS // 05.10.07


Argos, Centre for Art & media, and The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) present:

Video Vortex: Responses to YouTube
ARGOS, Brussels

Fri 05.10.2007 11:00

Over the past years the moving image has claimed an increasingly prominent place on the internet. Thanks to a wide range of technologies and web applications it has become possible, not only to record and distribute video, but to edit and remix it on-line as well. With this world of possibilities within reach of a multitude of social actors, the potential of video as a personal means of _expression_ has arrived at a totally new dimension. How is this potential being used? How do artists and activists react to the popularity of YouTube and other ‘user-generated-content’ websites? What is the impact of the availability of massive on-line images and sound databases on aesthetics and narrativity? How is Cinema, as an art form and experience, influenced by the development of widely spreading internet practices? What does YouTube tell us about the state of art in visual culture? And how does the participation culture of video-sharing and vlogging reach some degree of autonomy and diversity, escaping the laws of the mass media and the strong grip of media conglomerates?

This Video Vortex conference is the first in a series of international events, aimed at critical research and reflection surrounding the production and distribution of on-line video content, at the instigation of the Institute of Network Cultures (INC).

Speakers: Lev Manovich, Nora Barry, Keith Sanborn, Tomas Rawlings & Ana Kronschnabl, Simon Ruschmeyer, Peter Westenberg, Johan Grimonprez. Others tbc.

Moderated by Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures)

Video Vortex is part of OPEN ARCHIVE#1, a series of programs and events in which Argos mines the archive, reflecting and presenting a range of responses to the argos collections as well as considering the nature of the contemporary archive, media and memory.

Please note: on Sa 06.10.2007, the day after 'Video Vortex', Argos organizes the conference ‘Media, Memory and the Archive’, with Richard Rinehart, Steve Dietz, Josephine Bosma, Oliver Grau, Charlie Gere, Wolfgang Ernst, Jean-François Blanchette

More info soon

Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier
B-1000 Brussels
tel +32 2 229 00 03

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