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<nettime-ann> V2_| Exhibition ZONE_V2_ in MOCA Taipei

Rotterdam, 2 August 2007


ZONE_V2_ in MOCA, Taipei

From 11 August through 7 October 2007 the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Taipei presents the exhibition ZONE_V2_organized by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition features an international group of artists. Their artworks and installations are related to three major themes of past editions of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF): Machine Times, Information is Alive and Interact or Die!.
Additionally ZONE V2_ will present a two-days conference and workshop in which the artists in the exhibition and experts participate. The workshop and conference are intended for students and the emerging creative generation in Taiwan.

Electronic media like video, television, radio, film and the internet are closely intertwined with our understanding of historical time. These time-based media function as a collective memory. Our understanding of history is also closely related to the way we collect, organize and retrieve meaning and knowledge from information stored in archives and databases. But in our digital and networked age, information is not solely a tool to retrospectively look at the past: it has become an essential element for acting and interacting in the present. Nowadays we are living in databases and archives, since all our actions are monitored, stored and interpreted. Databases and archives are used to predict the future behavior of individuals and groups. Interaction tends to become an instrument for economic, social or political agendas, while interaction is basically a richer process leading to often unforeseen results producing social and cultural variation.
In the exhibition ZONE_V2_ international artists critically and playfully reflect these topics, that determine our options for acting and interacting in our contemporary society so much.

Conference and workshop
Concurrently with the exhibition there will be a two-days conference Unstable Media, about critical interaction with popular machineries and the relationship between media art and popular culture. Several experts and artists that participate in the exhibition will reflect on their work and give demonstrations. Prior to the conference Staalplaat Soundsystem will host the workshop Made in Taiwan, where the audience can participate in the creation of an installation, made of electronic kitchen devices, which can be controlled by mobile phones. The result will be exhibited in ZONE_V2_.

MOCA Taipei releases a catalogue of the exhibition, which will be available up from mid August. Contributions in the catalogue are by: Timothy Druckrey (US), V2_ (Alex Adriaansens, Arjen Mulder, Arie Altena), with an introduction by MOCA. The catalogue contains all the artworks in the exhibition. Design by MOCA.

Zone V2_, Unstable Media, Act - Interact
11 August through 7 October 2007
Conference: Unstable Media -- 11 and 12 August 2007
Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA), Taipei, Taiwan

ZONE_V2_, artists/artworks:
- PainStation, Enhanced Dueling Artifact, 2001 – 2004 by ////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces (Tillman Reiff, Volker Morawe)
- G-Player 4 by Jens Brand
- Logo.Hallucination by Christophe Bruno
- Feed by Shane Cooper
- Synthia-Stock Ticker by Lynn Hershman Leeson
- Purple Rain Joyce Hinterding, David Haines
- data.tron by Ryoji Ikeda
- Pockets Full of Memories by George Legrady
- Drawn by Zachary Lieberman
- Beijing Accelerator by Marnix de Nijs
- Cheap Imitation by David Rokeby
- YOKOMONO by Staalplaat Soundsystem
- Exactitudes by Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek
- zgodlocator/version zII by Herwig Weiser
- Chinese Portraiture by Zhou Hongxiang

Artist in the screening program
'In the Event of Amnesia the City Will Recall ' by Denis Beaubois, Australia
'All is Full of Love' directed by Chris Cunningham, United Kingdom, music by Björk,
'Safe Distance' by New Media, Serbia
'The Catalogue' by Chris Oakley, United Kingdom

Workshop Made in Taiwan
Hosted by Staalplaat Soundsystem, The Netherlands

ZONE_V2_ is a project of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei (Taiwan).
The exhibition and conference is conceived and curated by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, Netherlands).
The project is financially supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Yageo Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan.


You can find more information about Zone V2_ and the conference Unstable Media on our website:
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You can also contact Annetje Lekkas, V2_PR and Communications : +31 10 206 72 72 / /

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