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<nettime-ann> Upcoming Mediamatic workshop


Mediamatic Hybrid World Lab workshop

7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 May 07


Mediamatic organizes a new workshop in which the participants develop prototypes for hybrid world media applications.

While the internet is still thought of as a virtual space, it is quickly gaining foot in the physical world. An Internet-of-Things is under construction, with RFID as a key technology. Unique digital identification and GPS tracking devices link digital media to places and objects. Mobile phones and urban screens allow the media to be where people are.

This workshop explores the role of media makers ('content creators') in the context of this increasingly intimate fusion of digital and physical space.



The workshop kicks-off with four free public lectures on Hybrid world themes and issues.

The workshop is an intense process in which the participants design projects (applications, services, games, programmes, formats) that use the physical world as interface to online media: location based media, everyday objects as media interfaces, urban screens, and cultural application of RFID technology.

As practical research tools the participants can use the Symbolic Table 2.0 : a networked, RFID powered media player. See:

Nokia 3220 with NFC shell: mobile phone enabled with a RFID reader and writer, with the necessary tags to explore locative RFID projects. See

A collection of various RFID readers, tags, for projects that need more basic coding, and Arduino kits are also available for those who have experience with them.



The workshop is designed for a maximum of 16 media makers, artists, designers and producers.

All participants are assisted personally in realizing their workshop projects. Participants are not required to have specific technical knowledge of new media, but experience with developing content for interactive media is recommended.



We are happy to announce that two of the leading researchers in this field, Timo Arnall (Norway) and Nicolas Nova (Switzerland), are confirmed trainers and lecturers in this workshop.

Two other international specialists: Matt Adams of British hybrid world theatre group BlastTheory and urban screens researcher Mirjam Struppek are still to be confirmed.



More information on the content of this workshop can be found at:

and in the workshop reader:


The price for this workshop is EUR 360,-. This includes VAT, lunch, technical support,  equipment and a person page in the website

There are two scholarships available for newer EU countries participants.

You can register for this workshop at

Please include a short bio and and your reason for joining the workshop.

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