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<nettime-ann> SOCIALEAST SEMINAR ON ART AND MEMORY (Zagreb 21 April 2007)


Mimara Museum Zagreb, Saturday 21 April 2007

The SocialEast research forum considers the art and visual culture of Eastern Europe through collaborative projects, exhibitions and seminars. The goal of SocialEast is to encourage comparative research into the art history of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, as well as consider wider issues in socialist visual culture and beyond. The fourth seminar focuses on the role of artists in excavating memories of the socialist period. It considers the role of artists, curators and researchers in analysing and processing public memories and consciousness, as well as the role of visual representations in our understanding and recoding of Eastern Europe?s socialist past. 

Speakers include:

Zdenka Badovinac (Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana)
Erased Memory

Mi*ko Suvakovi* (Belgrade University)
Title to be confirmed 

Katarzyna Ruchel-Stockmans (University of Leuven) 
Self-portrait with a Hammer and Sickle. Defining the Self through Socialist Symbols

Lara Weibgen (Yale University)
Performance as ?Ethical Memento?: Art and Self-Sacrifice in Communist Czechoslovakia

Andrzej Szczerski (Krakow University) 
Why PRL now? Translations of Memory in Contemporary Polish Art

Hedwig Turai (Institute of Art History Budapest)
Past - Unmastered: Comparing Hot and Cold Memory

Simon Rees (CAC Vilnius) 
On A Wing and a Prayer: flying in the face of national expectation - Lithuania at Venice 2007

Marko Luli* (Vienna) 
Artist presentation

For abstracts, biographies, programme details and booking information, please see the SocialEast Forum website 

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