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<nettime-ann> Upgrade! Lisbon in March featuring Adriana Sá




29.03.07: Adriana Sá

19:00 @ Lisboa20 Arte Contemporânea
Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão 18B (Campo de Ourique)


Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporanea welcomes next Thursday, March 29th @19:00, Upgrade! Lisbon’s monthly gathering featuring artist Adriana Sa. Entrance is free and drinks will be served.

Having studied Music and Fine Arts, Adriana Sa is a transdisciplinary artist, a composing/improvising performer. She has been presenting her work throughout Europe, USA and Japan since the 90s. Her creative processes include the design and construction of the instruments. sound can be articulated with light, architecture, movement, weather or words. Part of the instruments have an architectural scale and they're designed to develop new properties everytime they are installed- you have to enter it to experience it. Space becomes reactive. Adriana  Sa's work, whether created with architectural or portable instruments, connects musical performances to specific contexts involving place, memory and person.

Sensations are a contextual product. before arriving to consciousness, sensations are subjectively "selected" by the individual's body, through an orientating reaction - a biological function existing to protect us from sensory over-stimulation. Adriana Sa is interested by these physical criteria, by this bodily intelligence. working with sound in a provocative way, she plays with the transitions between several physical states. Her graphical scores coreograph mainly texture, density, dominance and sequencing.

For her presentation at Upgrade! Lisbon Adriana Sá will present her project THRESHOLDS and from it her sonic light instrument, its versatility (also recurring to previous projects such as data projection + audio playback) as well as some technical/artistic limitations in its present state of development. She will also present some ideas through which those limitations can be overcome.

Um encontro mensal de artistas, curators e interessados nos
new media
, realizado na Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea e programado por Luís Silva. Para apresentação de projectos, por favor envie um email.

A monthly gathering of new media artists, curators and interested people,
curated by Luís Silva and held  in
Lisbon , at Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea .
If you’re interested in presenting, please email me.



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