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<nettime-ann> DEAF07 Interact or Die! - Seminar Programme - online booking now open!

*V2_, organiser of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, DEAF07 Interact or Die!*
presents a lively seminar programme of four condensed days with demonstrations, debates and theory rooted in artistic research and development (aRt&D). All seminars share the topic of critical exchange between different fields, such as the arts, social sciences and technical sciences, philosophy and industry. The seminars represent theory and practice as intertwined aspects in todayâs creative research themes. These mixed format seminars differ from academic seminars by including demonstrations and (virtual) performances, and a range of critical theory and philosophy. For more information: http://www.deaf07.nl/seminars

Interrupting Realities, a seminar reflecting different perspectives on our experience in mixed realities with, among others: Marnix de Nijs http://www.marnixdenijs.nl <http://www.marnixdenijs.nl> (NL), artist, Armando Menicacci (F), director of Laboratoire MÃdiadanse, Anomos http://www.anomos.org, Alma Schaafstal (NL), business director, Centre for Advanced Gaming and Simulation http://www.gameresearch.nl/

Critical Ecosystems, investigates the intersection between technological systems, cultural activism and the current debate on environmental issues. With among others: Antony Hall (UK), artist, owlProject http://www.antonyhall.net, Matthew Fuller (UK), lecturer and theorist, http://www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/cultural-studies/staff/m-fuller.php, Jan Willem Dol (NL), climate and energy campaign leader, Greenpeace http://www.greenpeace.nl/apple <http://www.greenpeace.nl/apple>

Not Everything Is Interaction, critically discusses the notion of interaction in interactive art and interactivity based science. With, among others, Mitchell Whitelaw (AU), academic, writer and artist, http://creative.canberra.edu.au/mitchell, Gazira Babeli (Second Life), performer http://gazirababeli.com, Prof. Josà van Dijck (NL), researcher in media (technologies) and culture.

Connected Archives, will showcase examples of good practice in the field of media-culture archives, with, The Tactical Media Files, CultureBase, ISEA Online Archive, David Garcia (NL), Michiel van der Haagen (NL) and Nadia Palliser (NL), http://www.next5minutes.org, http://www.debalie.nl/, http://www.isea-web.org Sandra Fauconnier (B/NL), V2_ Archivist, http://archive.v2.nl, âAlain Depocas (CA), http://www.fondation-langlois.org, Dieter Daniels (D/AT), Media Art Net and Ars Electronica Archive http://www.medienkunstnetz.de, âOliver Grau, Database of Virtual Art (AT), http://www.virtualart.at
CREATE, co-produced by ICT-Office, the CREATE consortium and V2_, presents good practice projects by representatives from the worlds of business, art and IT. There will be a pitch competition for the creative industry with, among others Tatiana de la O, Community project manager Joostâ, http://www.joost.com/, Keith Baker (NL), Open Innovation Manager, Philips Applied Technologies DSE, http://www.apptech.philips.com <http://www.apptech.philips.com>

Transdisciplinary Innovation, is organized by the Economic Development Board Rotterdam, Kennisalliantie Zuid-Holland and V2_. This seminar investigates the current state of affairs of trans- and interdisciplinary innovation in the research landscape and our social environment. With among others, Mark van Doorn (NL), ambient intelligence, researcher for Philips, http://www.research.philips.com, Anne Nigten (NL), manager, V2_Lab and initiator of the Patchingzone, http://www.v2.nl http://www.patchingzone.net, Sally Jane Norman, (UK), cultural historian and theorist, Director Culture Lab, Newcastle University http://www.ncl.ac.uk/culturelab/ <http://www.ncl.ac.uk/culturelab/>

UbiScribe: Collocollaboracontentquery? is co-produced by V2_, the Jan van Eyck Academie and the Piet Zwart Institute. UbiScribe is a nomadic research project on pervasive publishing in networked media. With, among others, Florian Cramer (D/NL), course director Piet Zwart Institute, http://cramer.plaintext.cc:70/, De Geuzen (NL), artistsâ collective http://www.geuzen.org, Saul Albert (UK), artist and cultural producer http://www.twenteenthcentury.com/saulcv

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