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<nettime-ann> [call] Culture 2.0 Conference 30/31 May / Call For Pamphlets

On 30 and 31 may Virtueel Platform (the Dutch knowledge center for e-culture) organises a conference: Cultuur 2.0 (Culture 2.0). During this conference the workings of web 2.0 will be critically examined. Our goal with this analysis is to find out what purpose (if any) web 2.0 serves for the cultural/heritage sector (perhaps leading to culture 2.0?). We have already confirmed Charles Leadbeater (author of We Think, Mass Creativity) as our key-note speaker.

Before the conference starts we want to set up a critical debate surrounding the topic of web 2.0 (this will be published on our weblog ( I want to ask you to write a short pamphlet (max. 700 words) in which you bring your personal view on web 2.0. Your piece doesn't necessarily have to be in line with the topic of the conference, we want your personal (expert) opinion. I would like to stress you not to hold back, you can be as bold as you like!

After the conference Virtueel Platform will publish conference proceedings, all pamphlets will be integrated into these proceedings. The case may be, however, that we ask you to expand your pamphlet into an article.

For questions please e-mail: <>

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