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<nettime-ann> ThINC Opening

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                     Contact: Andrew Mount
 Tuesday, March 14, 2007                                                                Phone: +(315) 729-7483

MUTE flyer ad
International video exhibition to open at ThINC's Company Gallery on March 22, 2007

MUTE flyer adMUTE is an exhibition of silent videos from a selection of international artists that will run 24/7 March 14 through April 15th 2007. A reception for the exhibition will be held outside the gallery on March 22nd 2007 at 7pm. The event is free and open to the public. Parking is available in areas adjacent to The Company Gallery.

MUTE creates a diorama out of the gallery, exposing it as space that is fractured and fragile; MUTE pulls the viewer towards the screen, searching.

During the exhibition, viewers will see the videos by peering through the windows at the running projection. "By presenting an exhibition that places this obstacle between the viewer and their expectancies, MUTE makes manifest the silence that denotes the unifying quality that connects an array of otherwise very different works. MUTE closes the space of the gallery literally and temporally," says Andrew Mount, Executive Director of ThINC.
ThINC is a Syracuse based art non-profit that promotes progressive artistic _expression_ throughout its activities. ThINC operates its 'Company' gallery, located at One Lincoln Center in downtown Syracuse from March to November. The gallery is open Thursday, Friday and by appointment. For further information on ThINC's upcoming events please emaill

ThINC is implementing a progressive programming schedule.
we welcome inquiries for future programming events that attempt to accomodate the current state of contemporary art through an open, collaborative and invested mode of inquiry. we integrate events, talks, education and exhibitions around common themes, with a view towards creating an inclusive modus operandi where the arts are able to catalyze the strength of communities.
please address inquiries to  
Andrew Mount

Executive Director
MUTE supporters

NEW: ThINC's Blog is up and running!!
come visit us online in lieu of our site (under construction) vent, discuss and interact at:

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