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<nettime-ann> [OKNO] Workshop Jitter 3D

Workshop Realtime 3D, organized by CODE31 and led by Masato Tsutsui 22-23/03/2007

:: content ::

Within the framework of Code31's xmedk online research, we present a two day crash course in realtime 3D visuals with Max-MSP-Jitter.
The particpants will start from basic platonic solids, moving up to matrix and audio controlled textured structures.
While the workshop is only two days, we aim to provide a complete set of skills which should be enough to develop yourself to a higher level.

:: partcipants ::

Participants should have a solid knowledge of Max-MSP and basic knowledge of Jitter.
Jitter knowledge can be very minimal or even non-existant for fast learners, but the participants must be eloquent in the Max language.
The workshop is completely free of charge.
If you're interested in participating, send an email with short bio and motivation to ef4db at code31.lahaag.org
We have 8 empty seats.

:: non-physical ::

This workshop is a testcase for the Code31 online research we've been conducting this year.
Those who can't make it to the workshop can follow it online, details will be provided on the code31 site and okno.be.
Code31 is trying out an experimental setup. We will provide a live video stream and a moderated chat channel.
Patches will be shared using google.docs, we will broadcast screenshots,
questions can be send over the chat channel. We're looking for participants who want to join and also evaluate the setup.
Send us a mail if you are interested in joining this experiment.

:: about Masato Tsutsui ::

Masato Tsutsui is a Japanese visual artist who teaches Max-MSP-Jitter at the art-management company "Dance and Media Japan" .
He Is a collaborator of the online magazine "Traksy" and is part of the performance group "ONZO"
http://www.traksy.com/ -- http://onzo.jp/ -- http://adsr.sub.jp/

:: location ::

OKNO -- Koolmijnenkaai 30/34 -- 1080 Brussels -- Belgium
metro: Graaf van Vlaanderen/Comte de Flandre -- Tram18
dates/data: thursday 22/03 -- friday 23/03 from 10am till 5pm
Free coffee, tea and soft drinks.

http://code31.lahaag.org http://okno.be http://www.xmedk.be

With the support of / met de steun van / het VAF (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds)
the .x-med-k. workshop series is a collaboration between okno, nadine and foam.

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