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<nettime-ann> transversal double issue: creativity hypes | a critique of creative industries


creativity hypes | a critique of creative industries

Creativity is attractive again. The Catholic church is promoting old creationism in the new guise of intelligent design; cultural entrepreneurs are invoked with the creative industries; the hypes of the creative class and the high-flying rise of the digital Boheme are consolidating into a renaissance of the creative. Yet at the same time, very different functions are attributed to the concept of creativity. In the tradition of the aesthetics of genius it continues to serve the distinction of truly “creative” actors, who are capable of generating and asserting innovations. In cognitive capitalism, however, there are also powerful populist impulses at work, in which the revolutionary cultural-political demands for “culture from all” or the Beuysian dictum of “everyone is an artist” are perverted in a logic of the total creative imperative.

The current edition of the web journal transversal, which queries the hypes of creativity at a theoretical level, is accompanied by an edition in the cultural political discourse section on eipcp.net, which focuses especially on the Creative Industries and their critique based on a series of case studies.

creativity hypes

Brigitta Kuster / Vassilis Tsianos: Experiences Without Me or the Uncanny Grin of Precarity
Maurizio Lazzarato
: The Misfortunes of the “Artistic Critique” and of Cultural Employment
Esther Leslie
: Add Value to Contents: the Valorisation of Culture Today
Angela McRobbie
: The Los Angelisation of London
Stefan Nowotny
: Immanent Effects. Notes on Cre-activity
Marion von Osten
: Unpredictable Outcomes / Unpredictable Outcasts
Gerald Raunig
: Creative Industries as Mass Deception
Paolo Virno
: Wit and Innovation

a critique of creative industries

Branka Ćurčić: Desire to Own. Property Issue around Creative Industries
Marko Karo / Marita Muukkonen
: Titorelli’s Cage: Confined Spaces at Work
Maurizio Lazzarato
: Construction of Cultural Labour Market
Maria Lind
: The Future is Here
Raimund Minichbauer
: Chanting the Creative Mantra. The Accelerating Economisation of EU Cultural Policy
Monika Mokre
: GovernCreativity, or: Creative Industries Austrian Style
Matteo Pasquinelli
: Immaterial Civil War. Prototypes of Conflict within Cognitive Capitalism
Tere Vadén
: Digital Opportunities, Real Impossibilities
Ulf Wuggenig
: The Dealer as a Genius. The Creative Industries Approach and the History of the 19th Century Revolutionary Art

Various collections of the texts are also available as print publications: in English in the magazine framework (Issue 6/Jan 2007, http://www.framework.fi), published in Helsinki, in German in the book, Kritik der Kreativität (Ed. Gerald Raunig and Ulf Wuggenig, republicart Vol. 6, Vienna: Turia+Kant 2007, http://eipcp.net/publications/1171460471), which will be published in mid-March.

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