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<nettime-ann> Final Call: 1st International Conference on New Media Technology

Final Call for Papers
Submission Deadline: April 02, 2007

5-7 September 2007
Graz, Austria

Media technologies are currently facing challenges and opportunities
arising from a number of trends: Under the Web 2.0 umbrella, social
aspects of software are gaining importance, and a new focus on simplicity
in user interface design is taking hold. New display devices (e.g.
e-paper) and client software (e.g. geo-browsers) revolutionize the
production and consumption of media products such as newspapers.

At the same time, semantic technologies are maturing to the point where
their broad adoption becomes almost inevitable. In conjunction with new
media, semantic technologies and social software catalyze virtual
communities by matching people of similar interests, browsing behavior, or
geographic location.

Acknowledging these fundamental changes, I-MEDIA will bring together
traditional media companies, new media start-ups and academics to shape
the future of media technology, and to make the most of distributed text,
audio and video resources.

Possible topics for I-MEDIA 07 paper submissions include but are not
limited to:

-- Web 2.0 Applications for Content Providers
-- Business Models for New Media
-- Social Media Platforms
-- User-Generated Content
-- Semantic Technologies for New Media Technology
-- Cross-Media Content Production and Delivery
-- Cross-Media Search and Retrieval
-- Media Provision over the Internet Protocol
-- New Media Services
-- Mobile and Wearable Computing
-- Innovative Media Devices
-- Innovative User Interfaces for Media Devices
-- The Geospatial Web
-- Marketing of Products and Services via New Media
-- Societal Implications of New Media

Beginning in 2007, I-MEDIA will complement I-KNOW (, the
largest conference on knowledge management of its kind in Europe. This
extension reflects the increasing importance and convergence of knowledge
management and new media technologies. This lets participants of both
conferences benefit from the synergies of both events, in particular from
the presence of different yet related expertise at the same place and

Submission Deadlines and Authors Guidelines

02  Apr 2007: Full paper submission (4-8 pages)
21  May 2007: Notification of acceptance
25  Jun 2007: Final version (8 pages)
5-7 Sep 2007: I-MEDIA Conference

Paper Upload
File types: PDF (preferred), MS Word

Kind regards,

Frank Kappe, Arno Scharl,
Werner Haas, Klaus Tochtermann
I-MEDIA Conference Chairs


Please accept our apologies should you receive
multiple copies of this call from different lists.

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