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<nettime-ann> 1st European Workshop on Latent Semantic Analysis in Technology-Enhanced Learning


*************** Call for Participation ***************

The registration for the First European Workshop on
Latent Semantic Analysis in Technology Enhanced
Learning is open. Keynote speakers for the workshop
are Prof. Arthur Graesser (University of Memphis),
Thomas Landauer and Peter Foltz (Pearson Knowledge
Technologies/University of Colorado). Two tutorials
are included in the workshop: A tutorial about the
cognitive science perspective on Latent Semantic
Analysis is given by Benoit Lemaire (IMAG, France)
and another tutorial will be given by Dian I. Martin
(Small Bear Technical Consulting) on the mathematical
and computational foundations of LSA.

The presentation sessions will focus on technology
enhanced learning applications of LSA, methodological
aspects and cognititve science approaches to LSA.
Besides the workshop will give room for setting up
an evaluation forum and a research agenda for Latent
Semantic Analysis in Technology Enhanced Learning.

A social evening in Aachen will round up the event.

Fees:   Workshop only: 100 EUR
        Workshop and Social Event (Guided Tour
        and Diner in Aachen): 150 EUR

Students of the Dutch Research School for Information
and Knowledge Systems can participate for free.

Please register as soon as possible at the workshop website:

Best regards,
Fridolin Wild

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