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<nettime-ann> chicago hackmeeting 003

Hackers, activists, artists, educators: come develop the third
Chicago/great lakes hackmeeting - March 17-18 2007 at the flowershop
(2159 w 21st place, Chicago IL 60608).  Free workshops, discussions
and presentations on art, activism & technology; free vegan food all

Chicago hackmeetings are free conferences organized collaboratively by
a rotating crew of hackers, activists and artists to host skillsharing
workshops, critical discussions and presentations on hacktivist

Scheduling and organizing Chicago hackmeetings is a public activity,
open to anyone to contribute at public meetings or on the website:

This third Chicago hackmeeting is loosely themed around education as a
component of radical social practice and educational institutions as
sites of resistance.  Talks/workshops/discussions already being
planned include:

+ Inside the One Laptop Per Child project (laptop.org) and how
electronic constructivist educational theories are being put into
+ Counter-recruitment in chicago schools.
+ Workshops on circuit-bending, net graffiti and electronic civil disobedience.
+ Open hack sessions : live coding collaborative software projects.
+ Live performances and screenings Saturday night and an Artware
Deathmatch Sunday night.

Come contribute to the hackmeeting-in-process at
http://hackmeeting.dai5ychain.net/ and join us on March 17-18th at the
Flowershop (2159 w 21st pl chi.il.us).  Workshops start Saturday
morning at 11AM and run until Sunday night at 10PM.

This Chicago hackmeeting is hosted by Daisychain and BUSKER and
organized by the people.
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