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Hello dear .* !

The entire last weekend I've spent building up a new instance of
"Poweronoff online" environment. Despite some major hardware issues (I
managed to blew-up the logic-board) and migration to Intel Pentium II
CPU, the installation got new look/feel and a couple of new features.
Therefor I'd really like to invite all my friends and other humans to
come, see/experience the piece, make some HTTP traffic and participate
in MITM (man in the middle) network attack.

The opening will take place at Sign gallery in Groningen, Holland, on
10th of March at 17.00, and the exhibition will continue till the 1st of
I will be very pleased and happy to meet you there, just in case here is
my phone number I will be reachable by: +31 64 2654486

- -----------------
A living environment powered up by advertising networks. Each banner
that comes along with web-pages you navigate to gives you a few bits of
electricity enabling one by one the appliances presented all around.
First you get a light then music comes, a fan and a TV - to cool down
and enjoy... But there isn't really time for relaxing - you have to
work, go to more and more sites, try to load as many banners as your can
find - because this is what's keeping the place "alive".
Being hugged to the same wireless network, the laptop and the "head
computer" are working together. You use the first one to browse to your
favorite web-site while the second one uses the TCP/IP traffic you just
made, sniffing and looking for any kind of commercials slipping through
the network. Each banner "generates" a few Watts of electricity which
are counted, added and immediately consumed by your home appliances.
More you browse - more score you get, longer the space remains powered.
- ------------------
Some more info about the project is available at my freaky web-site:

Short photo-reportage on the last build-up and prior:

"Sign" gallery:

Best regards,
Danja Vasiliev.
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