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<nettime-ann> 2007 ten years of C6


C6 enter its tenth year with a flurry of activity, as the Dotmasters hit Plymouth for Social Hacking, 21-24 March 2007

Social Hacking is a series of temporary public art commissions for Plymouth by international artists\' groups against a backdrop of urban regeneration. The project reflects the ways in which these changes to the city can be further influenced by creative human intervention. 

Featuring: commissioned work from The Institute for Applied Autonomy(USA), Mikro Orchestra Project (Poland), and Ludic Society (Austria/Switzerland). The Dotmaster\'s \'Mobility in the art market\' by the original art wankers, C6 , a Mikroparty including performances by Tetine (Brazil) and Mikrokilla & Jura (Poland), as well as the C6 disaster unit roadshow, project newsroom, artists\' run workshops, workshops by The Pirate University (Global), and a public seminar with keynote presentation by McKenzie Wark (AUS/USA).

The Dotmasters travel to Switzerland in April for Bitnik\'s ( Hack culture exhibition in the \"Cabaret Vorltaire\" a series of workshop hacks where mobility in the high and low end culture markets are the subject of subversions. The exhibition will open on the 9th of March 2007 and end sometime in late August 2007 a series of ŤA Hack A Dayť workshops accompany the exhibition.
Practical How-Tos for Cultural Hacking, at Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, Zurich Exhibition until May 2 2007
Sa, 14.4.07, 2pm - Cabaret Voltaire
mit (London) - An Afternoon of Good Clean Fun with the dotmasters.

The C6 disaster unit continues to provide the visual backdrop for Longrange with a festival packed summer long tour, as well as continuing to work with the buzzcocks. Check and

Plans for Nuart in Stavanger get underway soon and a bigger better celebration of street art you\'d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
Keep the 5th to the 8th of September free, stay tuned.

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