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<nettime-ann> edu-factory: transnational project on university transformations

[3rd time lucky, maybe?!]

Subject: edu-factory: transnational project on university transformations
Date: 22 February 2007 16:29:08 GMT+00:00

Dear friends,

We would like to invite your participation in a new
transnational project entitled edu-factory. The idea of the
project is to explore conflicts in the contemporary
production of knowledge and to examine the contemporary
transformations of the university. The project takes the
form of an email discussion list with an accompanying
website. In the first instance, we will run a structured
email discussion entitled ‘Conflicts in the Production of
Knowledge’ (22 February – 22 May 2007).

A number of researchers and activists from various global
locations will make scheduled posts to the list
(participants include Patrick Bond, Marc Bosquet, Amit
Basole, Silvia Federici, Brian Holmes, Andrew Ross, Chandra
Mohanty, Jie-Hyun Lim, Angela Mitropoulos and Jon Solomon).
The discussion will explore topics such as:

- The paradigmatic nature of the university as a site of
struggle in the contemporary knowledge/information economy
- The rise of student movements in some locations (e.g., CPE
movement in France, NYU strike) and their absence/decline in
- Cognitive capitalism, transformations in labor relations,
precarity and the devaluation of degrees
- The ambivalence of oppositional knowledges as challenges
to institutional power and as processes of domestication
- The changing relations between universities and cities,
territorial administrations and global flows
- The invention of new kinds of nomad universities and
experiments in autonomous education

The aim of the discussion is to sound out the geographically
disjunctive relations between the participants, creating a
collective knowledge of globalising society that in turn
contributes directly to the theme of university
transformations and the construction of new forms of
relation and resistance.

To subscribe to the edu-factory list please send an empty
email message to the following address:

Further information about the project is available at the
edu-factory site:

We look forward to your participation and ask you to
distribute this invitation widely through your networks.

The edu-factory collective,
ESC Atelier Occupato, Roma (

Alberto DeNicola
Annetta Curcio
Brett Neilson
Claudia Bernardi
Davide Sacco
Francesco Brancaccio
Gigi Roggero
Paolo Do
Simone Capra

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