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<nettime-ann> Welcome to Ars Publica
Noemata Alias Artman on Fri, 15 Dec 2006 00:15:00 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Welcome to Ars Publica


Welcome to Ars Publica Ars Publica is a nonprofit community that exhibits, sells, publishes, archives, distributes and lends out artworks from our net art collections. Our primary purpose is to support and fund art on the internet in the public domain. We collaborate with the net art site Noemata in presenting copylefted art since 1984.

Sections Browse the Net Art Sale Exhibitions, or go directly to one from the drop-down menu above. Read our Blog & News for the latest news and updates about activities online and offline. See Special Offers for discounted prices on net art items and packages. Ars Publica is a Community where memberships are open for all. Shares of Ars Publica are offered individuals and institutions that support our long-term goals. The Net Art Museum documents, publishes, and lending out material from our collections. The Library is a free service for borrowing artworks, and supplying hard media to the public. About us contains more information about Ars Publica, our organization and goals.

About Ars Publica
Ars Publica : Art + Technology = Public domain
The material served by Ars Publica, as the material made and served by
Noemata, is based on principles of community and public domain
principles. As a consequence, the artworks are generally neither
signed nor copyrighted, though they generally have an artist and
author. Exceptions from this occur and should be understood from the
context. The use of a community name or identifier is also an
intervention against the focus on the artist and the individual. For
Ars Publica this intervention is transposed to the context of commerce
and finds its expression in the discrepancy of selling copylefted
public domain products.

Ars Publica is supported by The Norwegian Cultural Council, Art and
Technology -

Noemata is hosted generously by Atelier Nord on Copyleft's servers -

and by Culture net Norway -

Community blog
See our blog for the latest news about Ars Publica's activities online
and offline.
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