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<nettime-ann> Irlos: Framework EP

Irlos: Framework EP


A coollection of previous works from one of our fully-signed artists,
"Framework" is a brilliant combination of electronic-sound manipulation.
Bringing together complex and definitive beats, experimental synth sounds
and deeply immersive ambient textures.

"Framework EP exterminate the abolition world-codemaniacs that was processed
in the surrender-site of the living body junk feeling replicant where turned
on the ill-treatment of a chemical anthropoid data mutant of Irlos' ultra
machinary tragedy-ROM creature system to a hybrid corpse mechanism. Irlos is
disillusioned at the insanity medium of the hyperreal HIV scanners trash
sense of drug fetus reptilian HUB modem heart that hung up the DNA channel
of the corpse city-module. Irlos crashes the paradise apparatus of the human
body pill cruel emulator to the corpse feti streaming circuits of the
biocapturism nerve cells that compressed the acidHUMANIX infectious disease
of a clone boy murder-gimmick of the soul/gram made of retro-ADAM." - Kenji
Siratori, author of Blood Electric

1. Linere
2. Filoma
3. Slow Burner
4. Unity

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