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Urban Typhoon Workshop in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, June 26-29,2006

We invite creative spirits from Japan and abroad to
brainstorm on the present and future of Shimokitazawa, at a
time when the government is planning a 26 meter-wide road
cutting through its culturally vibrant streets.

The Urban Typhoon workshop is a global experiment in
participatory design, and includes architecture & design
studios, art installations, political cafe, oral history,
graphic communication, video, etc.

The objective is to produce alternatives to the
government's plan as well as a multimedia testimony to the
unique spirit of Shimokitazawa. The workshop itself is a
joyous and participatory takeover of the city.

Registration deadline: May 31, 2006
Registration fee: 10,000 yen (payable upon arrival at workshop)

* Urban Typhoon welcomes registration from students,
architects, urbanists, artists, designers, media &
communication specialists, social scientists, activists,
creative people, dreamers, and idealists of all kinds. The
number of registrants is limited. Each unit has a small
number of participants.

* There are a limited number of homestays available to
foreign students, free of charge.

* All workshops will be conducted in English and Japanese.

Workshop units:
* a|Um Studio / New York, Carla Leitao
* Koba. Arch. Lab. / Tokyo, Masami Kobayashi
* CAt /Tokyo, Kazuhiro Kojima & Kazuko Akamatsu
* Save the Shimokitazawa / Tokyo, Kazuho Kimura & Kenzo Kaneko
* Art Harbour / Tokyo, Lehan Ramsay & friends
* Yehuda Safran / Paris, New York
* Studio SUMO / New York, Yolande Daniels & Sunil Bald
* Supersudaca / Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Pablo Corvalan,
Felix Madrazo, Manuel de Rivero
* Shimokita Oral History / Tokyo, Taro Taguchi
* Team Un-simultaneous / Tokyo, Hidenori Watanabe
* Alto Majo  / Tokyo, Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes, Tomo Takeda,
Matias Echanove, Joanne Jakovich

The University of Tokyo, Meiji University, Cultural Typhoon, Future
University-Hakodate, Yoshimi Lab, Save the ShimoKitazawa, Shimokitazawa
Forum, Archi-media, coelacanth and associates inc., sumo, a|Um Studio,
supersudaca, Misatikoh, sakura mapping project, urbanology

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