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<nettime-ann> [event] ROMAworkshop / Trafo, Budapest


''BPworkshop''(Budapestworkshop) is a series of=20
an annually organized international workshop on=20

Each workshop is differentiated from one another=20
and focuses on different subjects. They structure=20
however function according to the same concept.=20
Any applicant is accepted (on a first come, with=20
limited number of participants) who registrates=20
on the internet and is able to participate in the=20
English speaking work session.
The maximum number of participants is variable between 30-50.

more info at

BPworkshop2006 - ROMAworkshop

18 June - 24 June 2006

analysing and planning the gipsy minority's living spaces

This year's BPworkshop will be organized as the=20
first part of an international workshop series=20
which will take place in five countries=20
(Hungary-Budapest, Romania-Bucharest,=20
Spain-Seville, France-Rouen, Italy-Rome).
We will be dealing with the situation of the Roma=20
ethnical minority groups in these 5 countries.
We will be analyzing mainly the architectural=20
aspects of the given city's Roma culture.
The theme of Budapest is about the life standards=20
of the Roma minority groups living on the borders=20
of the city centre.


organizers:	Erik Hartmann
	36 30 364 68 30

	Tam=E1s Szentirmai
	36 20 364 37 70

financial manager:		FISE - Fiatal Iparm_v=E9szek St=FAdi=F3ja
			(Society of Young Applied Artists' Studio)
			1054 Budapest K=E1lm=E1n Imre u. 16.
			tel: 00 36 1 311 30 51
			account number: 11705008-20436113

partners:	 TRAF=D3 - House of Contemporary Arts

international partners, tutors:	 Arch. Alexander Valentino - Rome

			Arch. Ana M=E9ndez De And=E9s - Sevilla

			Stany Camb=F2 - Rouen

			Arch. Irina B_ncescu - Bucharest

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