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<nettime-ann> [event] [Nurnberg] Double Bubble invites you:


We are there since you like robots. Experiment with a
robot of your choice, lend your brainwaves for a
balance or a crawl! You are welcome! We provide the
grounds for noninvasive explorations. Enter the
arrangement, visit us on location! Our operators will
prepare you to board the Bubble. Once inside, they
guide you further, help you settle in and ensure a
nurturing environment. Our operators are women, in the
mid-term of their pregnancy, chosen for an understated
yet emphatic presence. The protective enclosure of our
air supported and transparent tent shelters you while
you experiment on board!
In the Kunstbunker in Nurnberg, Bauhof 9, D-90402,
between 15 June and 15 July 2006. Opening on 14 June
2006 19:30 hrs.

To make appointment to participate go to
or call 00499112448494! 

With us it is harmless to become a robot!

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