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<nettime-ann> Onomatopee news # 1


Onomatopee is a publishing label with a focus on poetry, sound art and typography. Productions will vary from books to vinyl and further.


Out Now!

7“ vinyl ‘Playword’
Electronics and guitar noises by Machinefabriek, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Freiband and Erwin van Looveren based on poetry of Freek Lomme.

sonidogris poster
Full colour cut and paste work by Remco van Bladel, Sonidogris

Sweater ‘Onheuse woorden misstaan’
Typography and graphic design by Eric de Haas.

DVD Silent Jokes
18 short films by Jan Leenders.


Onomatopee event!

Live at Edit festival Eindhoven,
9th, 10th & 11th June 2006

Private film and music

Live: 10th June, 16:00
Jan van den Dobbelsteen
Erwin van Looveren

Klokgebouw at Strijp-S in Eindhoven
Beukenlaan 10151
5616 VJ Eindhoven

Jan van den Dobbelsteen
Frans de Waard
Eric de Haas
Jan Leenders


Onomatopee is an Eindhoven and Amsterdam based production label for artist publications and projects that translate text, image and/or sound with a focus on poetry, typography and sound art.
We host productions through presentations and exhibitions, always with a publication.
Publications vary from books to sweaters, from posters to vinyl. Onomatopee produces and supports work on a project basis, stimulating interaction and experimental production. We are open for private initiative.
Our objectives are visibility and sincere experiment.



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