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<nettime-ann> new issue transversal: under translation


under translation
transversal web journal

The notion of cultural translation has so far been politicized in two different ways: firstly, following the pattern of liberal multiculturalism, the concept of “inter-cultural translation” has provided a model for conflict-free relations between different cultures, i.e. the management of a given cultural diversity according to democratic principles of tolerance and mutual recognition. Secondly, it has also been used to conceptually map the space of cultural hybridity, which is believed to subvert the idea of essential and/or original cultural identities and make the existing concept of democracy more inclusive.

In both cases, however, an all-pervasive concept of “culture” as well as the existing system of nation-states and capitalist democracy appear as the ultimate horizon of political change. The challenge, thus, lies in finding a way out of this deadlock along a notion of translation, which has left behind illusions of originality and essential cultural identities, the transgressive power of hybridity, mutual recognition and never-ending inclusions. This webissue reads these empty promises as a language of limits and sets out to translate it into a language of hope.


Boris Buden: Cultural Translation: Why It is Important and Where to Start With It
Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez: Translating Positionality. On Post-Colonial Conjunctures and Transversal Understanding
Rada Iveković: On Permanent Translation (We Are Being Translated)
Dieter Lesage: Translating Democracy. Social-Multitudinarian Resistance and Radical Democracy in the Empire
Rastko Močnik: Translation in the Field of Ideological Struggle
Stefan Nowotny: The Stakes of Translation
Hito Steyerl: The Language of Things

translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation

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