Matt Oquist on Wed, 27 Jul 2005 18:45:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] SFD 2005: Request your sponsored SFD CDs and materials!

Dear SFD Team Leaders,

In 2004, SFD was successful because many of your volunteer teams around
the world burned CDs and distributed them in celebration of Free and
Open Source Software.  2005 holds new promise for Software Freedom Day
because a primary sponsor (Canonical, Ltd.) has promised to donate up
to 100 professionally pressed and packaged SFD CDs[1] to each of the
first 150 SFD teams to register and request materials!

We don't yet have the final figures, but we will also be providing
a limited number of free SFD T-shirts, SFD balloons (you'll need your
own helium) and SFD temporary tattoos for the first teams to request

There are a few criteria for teams to qualify for sponsored supplies:

* Your team must be registered on our registration form (teams from
last year, please register again).

* Your team must have set up a wiki page with at least the basic
information about members and plans. The more detail, the better.
Please provide a URL.

* You must have made an initial forum post inviting others to join your
team.  (Go to, click "Forum" at the top
of the page.)

* Your team must have at least 3 members.  (More is better.)

* You must completely fill out the request form with a valid postal
address where we can ship your materials.

These and other details are discussed on the SFD Materials Request
Form, which is on our website.  (Go to,
click on "Get Materials" in the menu on the left side.)

Approximately 191 registered team leaders are receiving this email, so
you should meet the criteria and apply for sponsorship within the next
few days to ensure that your team receives the sponsored supplies.

We're very excited about the potential we have to impact the world
with Software Freedom Day 2005, and we hope you can take advantage of
our sponsor's generous offer in order to make your celebrations even
more successful.

Matt Oquist, Software Freedom International

TODO: Request supplies at

[1] This year's SFD CDs will be TheOpenCD 3.0, which is a single-disc
combination of an x86 Ubuntu LiveCD and TheOpenCD with updated


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