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<nettime-ann> [ann] software: OPEN HISTORY TIMELINE v1.1


The Open History Timeline v1.1 (OHT) is an open-source 
content-management system designed to support online community-based 
history writing. It is a system that can be used to work 
collaboratively on defining and writing history about any subject you 
would like. Which questions need to be asked, and which answers are 
valid? The OHT is designed with the idea in mind that history is a 
practice - not fixed but alive, and invites users to make history 
through adding experiences, anecdotes and personal perspectives.
The Open History Timeline is now available for download and can be 
used in your own projects. Built on open-source software, you can run 
the OHT on any web server with PERL & PHP installed.

Read more, see a working example, and download the files at:

The OHT and were built and designed by 
Femke Snelting and Michael Murtaugh. The project was financially 
supported by Thuiskopiefonds and Digitale Pioniers. With thanks to 
Institute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam.

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