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<nettime-ann> [event] [Boston] eXtreme Summer at Art Interactive

Art Interactive Presents....THE SUMMER X GAMES EVENT SERIES

Attend a summer of eXtreme VJs, eXtreme DJs, eXperimental film, music
and performance art.

Join us EVERY FRIDAY starting eXtremely soon: this FRIDAY, JULY 8th
with Performers-in-Residence sosolimited.


Friday, July 8: sosolimited presents SOSOLEMONADE
An electrocinematic remix of radical summertime flicks. A party
complete with live electrobreakbeats and freshly squeezed DJ passions.

9p-12a, suggested donation: $5

Friday, July 15 - closed, no event -

Friday, July 22: Choice Cuts
Bumping DJ soundtrack with experimental video and film.
Artists include Julie Miller, Karen Schiff, Andrew Shay & Jonathan
Colon, Amy Spiker, N. Brynolfson, Abigail Satinksky and more. 9p-12a,
suggested donation: $7

Friday, July 29: Psylab
The most versatile live electronic band in Boston! Progressive house,
drum =91n=92 bass, jungle, 2-step, and psy-trance. Live instruments and
psychedelic audio/visual sampling! www.psylabunderground.com | 9p=9612a,
suggested donation: $7

Friday, August 5: Truth Serum Presents "Flesh and Foundation"
A temporary piercing performance and installation by Ray Aims. Beauty
and pain, strength and fragility. Music provided by DJ D'hana.
http://www.truthserum.org | 9p-12a, suggested donation: $8

Friday, August 12: PlusOne presents THE VJs FROM TROY
A multimedia collision of DJ/VJ restlessness including back from japan,
blankfield, dextrus, skfl,16lemondrops and rural. 9p-12a, suggested
donation: $7

Friday, August 19: unlockedgroove presents MOTION with jackbackrack
Oldschool and newschool. =46rom laptops to vinyl. =46rom Berlin to
Somerville. Bumping beats. Interactive video installations by
jackbackrack and gooze. http://unlockedgroove.com | 9p-12a, suggested
donation: $7

Friday, August 26: Walter Wright presents Lumen Flux
Blow your mind with the best of the industrial and techno scene. DJs,
VJs and noise artists include Due Process, DJDeftly, DJVartan aka
Vartan Krikorian, w2 aka Walter Wright with his Video Shredder, and
Royal Jelly for a touch of the burlesque. 9p-12a, suggested donation:

Also upcoming at Art Interactive this summer:

PlusOne Experimental Music Series

Each month, PlusOne brings you the best from the international
experimental music scene.

Saturday, July 16th: m u  r m u r (Patrick McGinley, UK) and Mike
Bullock solo. 8PM. $7 suggested donation.

Saturday, August 20th: United States of Belt. The Sun is an Orange
Cookie (Linda Aubry solo). Liz Tonne solo. 8PM. $7 suggested donation.

Saturday, September 10th: Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet, Beirut, Lebanon) with
Rawlings/Bullock, Brendan Murray/Richard Garet. 8PM. $7 suggested

See http://www.artinteractive.org/upcoming_events.php OR email
info@artinteractive.org for more information.

Art Interactive is located at 130 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge MA 02138
617.498.0100 | www.artinteractive.org | info@artinteractive.org

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